About the Movie

An Overview of the Australian Movie – Chasing Asylum

Ova Orner, a filmmaker, and director of Asylum, seems not to loosen the thread after releasing a mind-blowing documentary titled ‘The Network’. She is at it yet again with an appealing yet very powerful documentary that exposes the treatment of Australia’s asylum seekers. Tear-inducing and heart-breaking is the best description of the movie, nevertheless it commands a great attention to be watched.

Orner reveals the unknown of how refugees are treated contrary to the set laws, which is definitely a breach of human rights and decency. The film shows how Australia has treated all walks of people, both the aged and the children, who were fleeing from war. The refugees are subjected to detention in some offshore camps that do not have favourable conditions as far as humanity and sanctity is concerned. They are imprisoned like hardened criminals, who are then exposed to very traumatizing torture. Honestly, the so-called prisons camps are worse compared to the worst prison in the world. Let’s go a bit in-depth.


Orner basically opens the film by enlisting the immigration laws in Australia. As a result of strict measures and laws set aside by the government, there sprung up a slogan which said, “Stop the Boats” which is basically meant to prevent any refugee coming to Australia via boat. To not settle in the soil of Australia, rather they would stay offshore in their boats. As a result, the government came up with camps in the Nauru and Manus islands where they dumped these refugees and forgot about them. The aim of the government was to push the refugees to harsh conditions so that they would go back to where they came from.

The unassailable filmmaker, Orner, despite hard restrictions that no journalist should get to these islands, is able to get this crucial information and even has interviews with the victims. Besides the filthy conditions these refugees are in, they still face both physical and sexual abuse, and it’s really mind boggling.

As revealed in the film, some unskilled undergraduates are sent here to only encourage these refugees and be their good friends, nevertheless, most of these refugees are full of suicidal thoughts. Their desperation is shown by even the writings shown on the film like “Kill Us” or others written, “Welcome to Coffin”


Thanks to Orner for exposing what the world doesn’t know is existing in the 21st century. This should not be tolerated and the concerned parties should arise and defend the rights of these refugees. In addition, the Australia government should review the immigration laws and stop this primitive and torturous practice. Consequently, the country would be saved from the rebukes, bad reputation, and dishonour from other nations.