Maroubra Dental Surgery- Getting ready for oral surgery

Oral surgery can be over whelming. More so if you are undergoing it for the first time. However, if you prepare yourself for what’s ahead, things can be a great deal easier. The following are some tips to help you understand more about the oral surgery you are about to undergo.

  • If you have been scheduled for dental surgery you must already have visited the dentist with the issue you are facing. However, if there are some queries which you would like to be answered make sure our schedule an appointment with your dentist. You have every right to understand more about the procedure you are about to undergo. The surgeon would also inform you of the benefits and the risks associated with the procedure.
  • Make sure that you follow all the directions which have been issued to you
  • There are different kind of oral surgeries. Few which re conducted under localized anesthesia. Here the patient is awake and can see whatever procedure is going on. Then there are procedures which require the administration of nitrous oxide and sedation. It all depends on the kind of procedure you are about to undergo. Your doctor would let you know all the death is in the appointment and what you can expect. However, make sure that you have a ride to take you home. Even anesthesia in a localized region is enough to make one feel woozy.

  • If you would be sedated you need to be in twelve hours of fasting at least. It’s good to avoid drinking water from the night before as well. For those who are on medication, a small sip of water is allowed to swallow the medicine. If you are undergoing local anesthesia you are allowed to have a light meal few hours before the procedure.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Wearing short sleeves would make it easier for you to receive the sedation for the procedure. It would also help the nurses take your vital signs and administer the IV with ease.
  • Make sure you have a box for storing your dentures when they are to be removed before the surgery.
  • Also make sure that you arrive early for the appointment. It’s better to arrive at least fifteen to twenty minutes before the given time. This would help you settle down much easier. Also you would be able to fill in the form without going into panic.
  • Once the procedure is over, follow the aftercare directions. Eat soft and bland foods to avoiding causing injury to the area. Don’t indulge in spicy foods as this might irritate the sensitive area.

Dental surgery doesn’t have to be something which scares you. In fact Maroubra Dentists do these procedures all the time. The aim is to help restore your dental health and improve your quality of life. Before you undergo surgery, make sure that you have visited the right oral surgeon.

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